Developing Effective Peer Groups

Meridian looks at the key factors companies should consider when developing peer groups.

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The Basics Companies conduct executive compensation benchmarking for a number of reasons, mainly to provide the compensation committee with an objective evaluation of the competitiveness of the company’s compensation levels and programs. Peer groups can be useful in helping compensation…

Best Practices in Benchmarking

Covering why companies should do compensation benchmarking and the most effective ways to do it.

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The Basics What is compensation benchmarking? Compensation benchmarking is the process of comparing a company’s compensation levels and practices against those of other companies (i.e., the “market”). In order to benchmark compensation, you must define, value, analyze and summarize market…

Selection of Data Sources

Meridian provides an overview of the advantages and drawbacks for the two most relevant market data sources.

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Selection of Market Data Sources A thorough evaluation of available market data sources is critical to ensure that market data results reviewed by the compensation committee are credible and meet the objectives established at the beginning of the benchmarking process.…