Proxy Tabular Disclosure

Meridian explains tabular disclosures required in proxies, with annotated examples.

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The Basics Overview In 2006, the SEC dramatically changed proxy disclosure requirements. Six required tables provide a quantitative picture of companies’ executive pay in the prior one to three years. Companies must generally disclose compensation amounts for the top five…

Change-in-Control Arrangements

Meridian covers the basics as well as the details of change-in-control arrangements.

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The Basics What are change-in-control arrangements? Executive change-in-control arrangements generally refer to any severance, payments or special benefits that are provided to an individual in connection with a change in control (CIC) of the company. A CIC is typically defined…

Section 280G—Golden Parachutes

How to determine if a golden parachute triggers excise tax liability.

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The Basics Many companies promise contractually to make special payments or provide special benefits to executives at the time of, or upon a qualified termination of employment following, a merger, acquisition or other change in control (CIC) of the company.…