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Proxy Tabular Disclosure

Meridian explains tabular disclosures required in proxies, with annotated examples.

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The Basics Overview In 2006, the SEC dramatically changed proxy disclosure requirements. Six required tables provide a quantitative picture of companies’ executive pay in the prior one to three years. Companies must generally disclose compensation amounts for the top five…

Accounting for Executive Compensation

What companies should know about accounting for their executive compensation packages.

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The Basics The exchange of services for equity creates an accounting expense that must be recognized in the income statement. ASC Topic 718 (formerly SFAS 123R) is the rule that governs expensing of all stock-based compensation. The expense realized is…

Outside Director Compensation

Meridian explains the issues companies should consider when planning outside director compensation.

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Overall Compensation Design Non-executive members of corporate boards are generally paid for their service. The overall compensation structure typically includes an annual retainer, committee meeting fees and/or retainers, and a non-retainer equity grant. In recent years, many companies have adopted…