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Board Ready Materials — Preparing Clear and Concise Materials for your Compensation Committee

Christina Medland and Andrew McElheran will focus on providing materials that give your Compensation Committee the information they need to make decisions, in formats that they will find easy to review. October 23, 2017, Calgary, Ontario

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Bank Compensation & Talent Conference

Meridian is honored to be a sponsor of this year’s Bank Compensation & Talent Conference which is focused on exploring the opportunities and the challenges growth-oriented banks face in terms of building the right teams for today… and the future. Meridian Partner Susan O'Donnell will be speaking at a session entitled: "Regulations, Politics & Crystal Ball Influences on Executive Compensation" and Lead Consultant Daniel Rodda will be a panelist at the session "Keeping Pace with Shareholder Expectations" while Lead Consultant Dan Kaufman will be moderating the same panel. Meridian is also sponsoring the Bank Compensation & Nominating/Governance Committees Networking Workshop to be held on October 23rd. October 24 – 25, 2017, Amelia Island, FL

Oct24 – 25
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Chairman & Lead Director Peer Exchange - Overview

Non-executive chairmen and lead directors face growing pressures in leading their boards under the microscope of shareholders and activists. Meridian is excited to be a sponsor of this half-day forum that will bring together public company board leaders for an in-depth evaluation of their role in the ever-evolving state of corporate governance. A mix of panel sessions and interactive peer-driven discussions will allow for candid insights related to strategy, board refreshment, executive compensation, shareholder engagement and board oversight expectations. Partner Annette Leckie will be a speaker on the panel "Hot-Button Issues in Director Compensation" that will provide an overview of director pay trends. November 2, 2017, New York, NY

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Compensation Committee Forum

Meridian is proud to be a sponsor of this great Equilar/Nasdaq one-day program for public company compensation committee members, chief HR and senior-level compensation executives, general counsel, and corporate secretaries. Lead Consultant Linda Steffen will be a panelist during the session: Balancing Act: Aligning Goals, Incentive Metrics and Executive Performance. This panel will explore the process of goal-setting, metrics selection and the use of discretion. The goal of the Forum is to help compensation committees – and the members of management who work closely with them – establish and execute a compensation and benefits program that meets both management’s and investors’ expectations. Participants will gain valuable insights to make the best pay decisions and establish strong governance practices that will drive strategic and defendable compensation decisions. November 14, 2017, San Francisco, CA

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Bank Director’s 24th annual Acquire or Be Acquired Conference

Meridian is excited to be a sponsor of the widely regarded premier event for a bank’s CEO, board of directors and key leadership team. Bank Director’s 24th annual Acquire or Be Acquired Conference helps this hugely influential audience to focus on mergers, acquisitions and growth strategies and tactics. Meridian Partner Susan O'Donnell is a panelist at the session "Looking Ahead to the Next Three Years." This session will build on what’s happening in banking today by juxtaposing the perspectives of a leading attorney, an investment banker, a compensation consultant and an accountant around ideas that enhance a bank’s performance and boost an institution’s franchise value over the next three years. January 28 – 30, 2018, Phoenix, AZ

Jan28 – 30
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