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Pay Ratio, Proxy Disclosure and Say on Pay: Looking Back and What’s Ahead

The pay ratio, proxy disclosure and say on pay are all intended to empower shareholders and give them the resources to ensure that the level and structure of executive pay are aligned with shareholder interests. A panel of key thought leaders and practitioners organized by The Knowledge Group including Lead Consultant Ron Rosenthal, will address several key questions about these “shareholder control” devices: Are they needed? Do they work as Congress intended? How can they be improved? September 10, 2019, Live Online Webinar

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Equilar Board Leadership Forum

Equilar and Nasdaq are excited to offer a half-day program to help public company board members, general counsel and corporate secretaries drive success in their organizations. Investors’ emphasis on board transparency, accountability and independence is intensifying, and as a result today’s boards face a seemingly never-ending set of risks, governance decisions and strategic initiatives. The goal of the Board Leadership Forum is to empower participants to build higher performing boards through improved processes, strengthened director evaluations and recruitment efforts, and more effective shareholder engagement. September 10, 2019, San Francisco, CA

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Corporate Board Member Building Better Boards

As companies are challenged to achieve short-term objectives while ensuring long-term results in an increasingly transparent and complex environment, the board’s agenda continues to expand. Each committee of the board has unique oversight responsibilities to help the company meet the expectations of investors, employees and customers. Corporate Board Member’s 2-day Building Better Boards: Committee Series allows attendees to tailor their participation to their individual role. September 10 – 11, 2019, Chicago, IL

Sep10 – 11
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Equilar Compensation Committee Forum

Equilar and Nasdaq are excited to offer a half-day program for public company compensation committee members, chief HR and senior-level compensation executives, general counsel, and corporate secretaries. The goal of the Forum is to help compensation committees – and the members of management who work closely with them – establish and execute a compensation and benefits program that meets both management’s and investors’ expectations. Participants will gain valuable insights to make the best pay decisions and establish strong governance practices that will drive strategic and defendable compensation decisions. November 6, 2019, New York, NY

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Bank Compensation & Talent Conference

Meridian is proud to once again sponsor Bank Director’s 15th annual Bank Compensation & Talent Conference which is focused on the opportunities and the challenges that banks face when building and retaining the best talent for today and tomorrow. Respected financial leaders and experienced advisers will provide best practices and tried-and-true approaches to help you, your board and your executive team tackle critical issues facing banks today. Please use discount code MCP2019 when registering! November 6 – 8, 2019, Amelia Island, FL

Nov6 – 8
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NACD Advanced Director Professionalism Course

NACD’s highly interactive Advanced Director Professionalism® foundation course will bring together experienced directors looking to position themselves as lead directors, board and/or committee chairs. Through panel discussions, committee chair/lead director training, workshops, and case studies with seasoned board leaders, directors will benefit from real-world and real-time insights to help navigate critical board leadership challenges, build a high performance board, and effectively lead boards and committees. Small-group peer exchanges will simultaneously deepen and showcase current expertise while making new connections with experienced directors from a wide range of industries. December 9 – 10, 2019, Palmetto Bluff, SC

Dec9 – 10
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Bank Director Acquire or Be Acquired Conference

Meridian is excited to be a sponsor of the 2020 Acquire or Be Acquired Conference. This conference helps bank CEOs, executives and board members plan for what’s ahead. Now entering its 26th year, this annual event features an expansive agenda with your bank’s entire senior team in mind. From strategic discussions around successful mergers, organic growth and building your bank’s value to in-depth examinations of digital strategies and innovations, this conference was created for ALL banks - no matter their size - looking to grow. January 26 – 28, 2020, Phoenix, AZ

Jan26 – 28
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