Evaluating Executive Pay Relative to Company Performance

by Jamie McGough on March 6, 2024

Podcast Channel

On this episode of The Executive Compensation Podcast, Jamie McGough gives insights for committees seeking to enhance oversight of pay programs through pay-performance analysis. 

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Absolutely: The Story of a PSU Performance Metric

by David Bixby on November 13, 2023

Thought Leadership

Since 2019 we have seen a significant increase in the prevalence of absolute total shareholder return (ATSR) as a performance measure in long-term incentive programs within the oil and gas industry, particularly upstream.

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Pay for Performance vs. Pay for Alignment

by Chris Havey on October 6, 2023

Client Alerts

In the oil and gas industry, shareholder outcomes can be heavily influenced by commodity price changes.

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Relative TSR Practices & Proxy Advisors

by Meridian Team on May 19, 2023

Thought Leadership

There are a variety of design provisions incorporated in any relative TSR arrangement, but two tend to receive the most commentary from the proxy advisors, specifically: performance required for target payout; and negative TSR payout caps.

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The Importance of a CEO Succession Plan

by Daniel Kaufman on May 18, 2023


In this video, Dan Kaufman at Meridian talks about the importance of having a solid CEO succession plan in place to take a lot of the uncertainty and difficulty out of your CEO transition process.

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