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The Meridian Advantage

Meridian Compensation Partners has a singular focus: to provide the most effective solutions and independent advice in executive compensation and corporate governance consulting.

With over eighty associates in ten offices in the US and Canada, Meridian provides top management, boards and compensation committees with core services that include board level advisory services, compensation program design, research and competitive market intelligence on executive pay and governance matters.

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“Meridian is unique because we really have a singular focus on providing excellent service to our clients.” – Jim Wolf, Managing Partner

Latest Insights

ISS and Glass Lewis Expectations for Executive Pay

Meridian Partner Tom McNeill moderated this session at Corporate Board Member's 9/16/20 Compensation Committee Summit.

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What’s on the mind of ISS and Glass Lewis coming out of the 2020 annual meeting season? During a session at Corporate Board Member’s Compensation Committee Summit, Meridian Partner Tom McNeill got their thoughts on transparency around adjustments in incentive…

Report on Say on Pay and Select Shareholder Proposals for the 2020 Proxy Season

As during prior proxy seasons, Meridian’s Governance and Regulatory Team is issuing an update on proxy voting results on Say on Pay proposals and on pay-related shareholder proposals for the current proxy season.

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Meridian Compensation Partners, LLC is pleased to provide this periodic report on the 2020 proxy season1. This report covers the following areas: ■ Say on Pay Vote Results (through October 12, 2020)― Contributing Reasons for Failed SOP Outcomes (Based on…

Determining Annual Incentive Pay in a Pandemic

As seen in the 4th Quarter 2020 issue of Bank Director

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While banks with incentive plans based on formulaic financial goals are particularly challenged, even those with more discretionary plans are asking how to evaluate and reward performance in light of the pandemic. Many compensation committees will need to assess how…

Summary of Key Results from the ISS 2020 Annual Policy Survey

ISS’s recent Policy Survey previews potential changes to its proxy voting policies.

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Each year, Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) surveys institutional investors, public companies (“issuers”) and the consulting and legal communities on emerging corporate governance and executive compensation issues as part of its annual policy formulation process (the “Survey”). Public company “issuers” and…

How and Why Pre-Commercial Biotech CEO Pay is Different

Part Three: East Coast vs. West Coast

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In this four-part series, we examine the current state of pre-commercial biotech CEO pay, how it is tailored to the sector, and what drives differences between companies. We will explore: Part One: Tailoring Pay to the BusinessPart Two: Founders vs.…