Proxy Tabular Disclosure

Meridian explains tabular disclosures required in proxies, with annotated examples.

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The Basics Overview In 2006, the SEC dramatically changed proxy disclosure requirements. Six required tables provide a quantitative picture of companies’ executive pay in the prior one to three years. Companies must generally disclose compensation amounts for the top five…

Effective CD&A Disclosure

The importance of telling your company's compensation story effectively.

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The Basics The Compensation Discussion and Analysis (CD&A) is a required part of a company’s annual proxy statement. Its purpose, per SEC rules effective in 2006, is to “provide material information about the compensation objectives and policies for named executive…

Disclosure Basics

Covering the three main filings related to compensation disclosure: the proxy statement, Form 8-K filings and Form 4 filings.

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There are three primary corporate filings related to executive compensation: the proxy statement, Form 8-K filings and Form 4 filings. Proxy Statement Companies must file proxy statements with the SEC in connection with shareholder meetings. The proxy contains executive compensation…