Board Governance Series – Corporate Board Member 2nd Quarter 2017

In this interview, Gerard Leider, partner, Meridian Compensation Partners, discusses current issues that are having an effect on director compensation policies and offers guidance for ensuring the board has a responsible process for setting director pay.

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There are a lot of compensation topics that we cover throughout the year in our Board Governance Series webcasts, but we don’t often home in on director pay, and that’s pretty important to our audience. Gerard, what can you tell…

Beyond the Proxy

Meridian Partners weigh in on 2016 CEO pay trends in this article from Equilar's C-Suite magazine.

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A Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is both the managerial leader and the figurehead of his or her company, representing it to its employees, shareholders and the general public. In times of growth and success, but also in turmoil and failure, a…

2016 CEO Pay Trends Report

An Equilar publication, featuring commentary from Meridian Compensation Partners.

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All data, graphs and charts reprinted with permission of Equilar. Executive Summary The CEOs of the largest U.S. public companies may differ in their career paths—founders who began with the spark of an idea, rank-and-file employees who ascended the corporate…

Proxy Named Executive Officers: Should Business Unit Heads Be Included?

Guidance is offered, based on a review of law and current market prevalence.

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To include business unit heads or not to include business unit heads; that is the question. Each year, public companies must determine which executives are named executive officers (“NEOs”) under the proxy disclosure rules. This determination is important, as public companies are required to disclose in their annual meeting proxies the compensation paid to each NEO (i.e., a company’s chief...