How to Get Your Share Plan Approved

Posted in the May/June 2017 issue of NACD Directorship magazine

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Approximately 25 percent of U.S. public companies will be asking shareholders to approve a new or amended share plan this proxy season. Since most companies do not revise share plans on an annual basis, boards may want a refresher on…

The Impact of Lower Stock Prices on 2016 Say on Pay

Many energy companies should anticipate tripping ISS's absolute stock price test.

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The current industry downturn is already impacting compensation programs and will likely also impact the upcoming Say on Pay season. Based on our research, the market decline will cause an increased number of energy companies to trip a key ISS…

Testing Pay for Performance

Why feedback on pay for performance alignment is important and how to analyze it appropriately.

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A key pillar of most compensation philos­ophies is to pay for performance, but how do directors know if it’s working? To an­swer this question, compensation commit­tees are increasingly testing the pay and performance alignment after the payouts have been made.…